(CBS) White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton stopped by the studio this morning to talk to the guys on the McNeil and Spiegel Show, and he dished on a variety of topics.

One of his favorite: teammate Jose Abreu, who leads the major leagues in homers (10) and RBIs (32) in his rookie season after signing a six-year, $68-million

“You’d think a guy who signs for that much — he’s a little bit older — you’d think he’d hold himself a little bit different (from others),” Eaton said. “But he treats himself as the 18-year-old. He has the mentality of … a 27-year-old, but he (shows) the respect like a very young guy in the clubhouse. He goes about his business, it’s impressive.

“You’re just amazed by that. A guy signs for that much money, you think he’d come in with his chest puffed out — like anyone would, ‘Hey, I’ve kind of arrived.’ It’s amazing how he’s taken it in stride.”

Other topics broached: how Eaton’s scrappy style of play evolved, his value as a fantasy baseball player and even the NHL playoffs.

Take a listen to the wide-ranging interview below.

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