CHICAGO (CBS) — In the heart of Ravenswood, some neighbors of a church are feeling less than charitable about the congregation – and the pastor says he’s been getting hate mail.

“When they come to mass and when they leave in the evenings, they argue with everybody,” said Claudia Marinescu.

Marinescu lives across the street from the Philadelphia Romanian Church at Paulina and Sunnyside.

Another woman, Marie, lives nearby.

“Philadelphia people, they are nasty. Like, they block the alley. And… he’s sitting there and I will blow (my horn) and say, ‘Can I go around you?’ And they say, ‘I’m waiting for someone!'”

“We have a parking issue.”

Florin Cimpean is pastor of the church.

He says the congregation has been there for 20 years – longer than many of the residents.

Now the church is considering moving.

“I don’t know if you could call it hate crimes – emails – but really nasty. Hate emails.”

And he says someone wrote on the church walls and on the church bus: “Hate Philadelphia Church.”

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