(CBS) — A college student from Mundelein was stabbed during a robbery in Minneapolis on Monday, and a quick-thinking friend might have saved her from bleeding to death.

WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports 21-year-old Alex Maple and her roommate were walking back from a bar in a safe area of Minneapolis early Monday morning, when a mugger attacked them.

Minneapolis police spokesman Scott Seroka said a man wearing a ski mask came up behind them after passing them on the street, and held a knife to the throat of one of the women, and demanded money.

“Both of the victims complied, and a small amount of money was exchanged, after which we believe the victims were stabbed by the suspect,” he said.

The man stabbed Maple’s roommate in the back, then slashed Maple’s arm, severing an artery. Maple started bleeding profusely, and Seroka said her roommate likely saved her life by using her shirt as a tourniquet until help arrived.

Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia said the crime was unusual for the area, and the women had taken precautions.

“They couldn’t have done anything else. They were traveling in pairs. They were in a well-lit area,” Garcia said. “He just came up behind them, grabbed the one female from around the chest, and put a knife right to her throat, and demanded money.”

Maple, a student at the University of Minnesota, and her roommate were listed in satisfactory condition Wednesday morning at Hennepin County Medical Center. Maple’s roommate’s name has not been released.

Their attacker got away with only about $5. No arrests have been made.

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