(CBS) Several NFL teams have expressed a willingness to be the subject of the popular HBO series “Hard Knocks” that chronicles one team during training camp, according to a New York Post report, another sign that the Bears won’t appear on the show.

Typically, the NFL makes a point to not force a team onto “Hard Knocks” if other teams have volunteered. And the Bears have made it clear that they’d rather another team be featured on the show.

“We have a great camp,” Bears general manager Phil Emery said recently. “We have great media. We have fan interest unlike any other city. I think this is the best NFL city in the league, bar none. I think our media is the best in the league, bar none. I think our coverage is outstanding. I think our fans love going to camp to find out more about our players, I think there’s a number of teams that don’t have as much attraction, have as big a base for whatever reasons, their population or their history, obviously, this is a tremendous, historic franchise. I think there will probably be other places that could benefit from it other than the Chicago Bears. How’s that for an answer?”

Because they missed the playoffs the past two years, don’t have a rookie coach and haven’t appeared on the show in the past 10 years, the Bears initially were one of eight teams that could’ve been forced to be on “Hard Knocks” if no other franchise volunteered. Many speculated the Bears would make for good TV as well, with the intriguing and quirky Marc Trestman as coach and a host of new signees entering the mix, including entertaining personalities like defensive end Jared Allen.

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