By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — Nothing against trees, but residents in Gresham are upset that dead ash trees are being dumped in their neighborhood.

Some call the mountain of tree branches and trucks an eyesore. Others complain it’s a haven for crime.

Bottom line: They want it out.

The logs are piled at least 20 feet high, and the area is unsecured, residents say.

“Kids get in here, logs roll over they can seriously injure them or it can kill them,” Marvin McNeil says.

The city owns the lot at 83rd and Birkhoff. Even Friday, you could see crews dumping dead trees and branches. Many of them are ash trees that had to be removed because of infestation by the Emerald Ash borer. It’s been going on since November.

Neighbors didn’t really notice until last month, when the mountain was too hard to miss.

The lot sits in Ald. Howard Brookins’ 21st Ward. He says the city started using it when it needed a second South Side location for tree debris. There are already two on the North Side.

This one won’t be here long.

“We’ve been assured by Streets and San this is a temporary site. They anticipate the trees to be grinded and the debris to be moved starting next month,” Brookins says.

Meanwhile, the city is making a point of keeping the gate locked at night when it’s not in use.

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