Age-Enhanced Picture Of Missing Boy Brings New Leads

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(CBS) — A new age-progression image of a missing Aurora boy has generated some tips – the first leads police have received in six months.

WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports the image of what Timmothy Pitzen might look like now – three years after the 6-year-old disappeared – was released late last week.

“Over the weekend, one of the investigators who was working received a tip from a woman in the Rockford area who thought that she’d seen a child resembling Timmothy at her garage sale,” said Aurora Police Det. Lee Catavu.

WBBM 780’s Steve Miller

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Catavu will be showing the woman a video of Timmothy, as he has done with other tippers dozens of times before. So far, they all have said it was not the boy they saw after all.

“So we’ve got high hopes that when we go to meet with this gal in the Rockford area that that might be different,” Catavu said.

Timmothy’s mother committed suicide in a Rockford motel room, but left a note that her son was safe and being cared for.