CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s new U.S. Attorney says he’s expanding the focus of his office to go after Chicago’s continuing gang violence problem.

U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon started his talk with slides of teens killed by teens, 700 under age of 18 shot to death since 2007.

He said that has to stop and he’s ordered a pivot in his office.

“It’s a pivot from just being reactive to being proactive along with being reactive. Law enforcement traditionally is reactive, somebody does something bad and we prosecute them for that,” said Fardon.

Fardon says his office is expanding talks with released parolees and starting programs to counsel potentially violent young teens.

He said violence has changed from being organized and hierarchical to splintered, set off by personal disputes within gang factions.

CBS 2’s Jay Levine reports the intensified federal effort follows Mayor Emanuel’s appeals to his former Washington colleague Eric Holder for increased justice department resources. The mayor reserved judgement on the new U.S. attorney’s strategy.

“The judgement’s not about the first six weeks, but its what’s gonna happen over the next six months as far as federal resources to help us deal with violence and I think we’re gonna have it,” said Emanuel.

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