(CBS) — White Sox ace Chris Sale said he felt great after an 86-pitch, one-hit performance on Thursday evening.

The pitcher had missed five full weeks with a sore forearm /elbow strain. He had made one rehab start on May 17, going four innings and fanning 11 men out of 12 outs he registered.

“I was actually more sore after my (rehab ) start than I am today ,” Sale said. “Yeah, I feel good today. After I get done throwing will be the true test.”

Sale was referring to his next side session two days before pitching against Cleveland Tuesday night. The between-start routine remains the same for the pitcher for now.

“If anything, I just kind of contrast (change normal routines up ) more now,” Said said. “I have never really been big on icing or anything like that. I may ice here or there, but I will pretty much keep doing what I have been doing.”

Sale has dealt with arm soreness in both of his prior two seasons as a starter with Chicago. He still managed to start 59 of a possible 66 rotation turns in 2012/13. He came up lame on April 18 after throwing a career-high 127 pitches April 17 verses Boston.

Sale struck out 10 Yankee hitters and gave up the lone hit in the sixth inning with two outs. Sale was held to a shorter pitch count and left the game after six.

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