CHICAGO (CBS) — The City Council is going to take another look at how the administration divides up the money that the Aldermen control for street projects in their wards.

As usual, such talk is dividing the members of the council, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Right now, each of the 50 wards gets an equal share of the so-called menu money they can use for projects of the alderman’s choosing, but South Side Alderman Tony Beale points out, some wards only have 30 blocks and others like his can have hundreds of blocks.

“That is injustice as far as resources and certain communities will never be able to keep up with their infrastructure as long as you’re still getting the same equal share as everyone else and when you don’t have equal share of square mileage,” said Beale.

North Side Alderman Michelle Smith says the current distribution works.

“My ward, while it’s geographically small, is very heavily traveled so our streets take a huge amount of abuse, more than wards that are purely residential,” said Smith.

They will fight it out in committee.

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