By Marissa Bailey

(CBS) — A woman was nearly killed when a deer fell from an overpass and right into her car and now she has reunited with the only man who stopped to help her.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey has the reunion in this Original Report.

According to the only eye witness, a full sized female deer fell from the Illinois 72 overpass on I-90 West Sunday afternoon, landing completely inside Heidi’s car.

“It’s a miracle that she survived,” said Dr. Mark Remus, who treated the driver, Heidi Conner, after the accident.

Heidi Conner, along with her four kids, survived the crash with a sore shoulder and some cuts and bruises. CBS 2 was there when she reunited with the only eyewitness of the crash along with his daughter, who sat with the kids.

“I cannot believe what I saw,” said Joel Samuels.

His daughter was also there and sat with Heidi’s kids.

“I told them that I had been in an accident so I know how it felt to be that scared,” said Felisha Samuels.

They were the only people who pulled over to help.

“I am truly just so thankful. You kept me calm and because I couldn’t move to have somebody there to be with my children and to calm them down. It was huge. Thank you so much for that, I appreciate it,” Heidi Conner said.

Despite what could have been, Heidi says she’s still upset with the tow truck company that towed her car without her authorization.

She’s hoping to recoup some of the money she spent to get it back, despite the car being totaled.

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