(CBS) — World War II veterans – the so-called “greatest generation” – had a place of honor in Memorial Day ceremonies. WBBM’s Steve Miller was at the parade in Park Ridge.

“My time is drawing nigh. I feel good. I’m glad to be here,” said World War II vet Elliott Timme.

88-year-old Timme wanted to be a pilot, but there was a need for navigators as the war expanded in the Pacific. So he became a navigator.

“And thank the Lord we dropped the bomb and saved two million lives. Don’t forget that. We saved two million lives.”

His thoughts on Memorial Day? On only good things.

“No more bad memories. Bad memories escape me – on purpose, of course.

“One of the funny things is, my grandchildren. I bought a Honda automobile the last time. My grandkids couldn’t believe their grandfather bought a Japanese car.

“But you know what? It was a damn good car.”

Timmes says the only ones left from his flight crew are himself and the radio operator.

“And I will call him this afternoon and greet him and wish him well for the coming year. He’s a couple months older than I am. It’s nice to have somebody older than me,” he laughs. “There’s not many of us.”

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