(CBS) How would you like it if college basketball’s stars always, always had the right to be on the court? If Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy had his way, that would be the case.

Kennedy suggested in an interview with Inside Ole Miss Sports that a fifth foul shouldn’t result in a player’s ejection. Instead, in an idea that he believes would improve college basketball, players would be allowed unlimited fouls. The catch? Every foul after a player’s fifth would result in two free throws and the ball back for the offensive team.

“We’re the only sport where the best players can be eliminated from the game,” Kennedy told Inside Ole Miss Sports. “Let’s just make it where it really has some teeth. If you foul, the other team’s going to get two shots and the ball. You talk about really having to think now as a coach! It still allows the best players to be in the game so that the fans can see what they came to see.”

There was an increase in fouls in college basketball last season with a focus on encouraging freedom of movement, and some have discussed the merits of increasing the foul disqualification number to six from the current five. Kennedy’s idea would be even more radical but wouldn’t be without precedent in the game. In the now defunct CBA, players weren’t allowed to foul out.

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