(CBS) — A suburban mother is struggling with the death of her son and wondering if something called “The Hanging Game,” involving the hook in a bathroom stall, might be to blame.

Ten-year-old Aquan Lewis died five years ago in a bathroom stall at Oakton Elementary School in Evanston.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez spoke to his mother.

Just outside the school where her son lost his life, Angel Marshall still won’t accept what she was told five years ago. Her son’s death was ruled a suicide.

“I know it isn’t. In my heart, in my soul, I know,” she says.

Instead, she now thinks she knows the truth, following an incident at a Barrington School.

Her son died, she believes, because of “The Hanging Game,” a dangerous stunt meant to deliver a light-headed thrill.

This week in Barrington, two second-graders survived a round in the school bathroom. In the game, students hang their T-shirts on the hooks that are on the inside of a bathroom stall door.

As a precaution, Barrington school officials removed every door hook in every school.

Angel hopes this might explain what she’s believed all along.

“I just want a death certificate that says the truth,” she says. That her son’s death occurred accidentally, not intentionally.

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