(CBS) Earlier this week, former Chicago forward Horace Grant told the Mully and Hanley Show that he believes this era’s Heat “wouldn’t have a chance” against the Bulls of the early 1990s.

On Friday, another former Bulls champion shared a view similar to Grant’s.

Asked if the Bulls teams he won titles with during Chicago’s second three-peat would’ve beaten the Heat, Toni Kukoc responded with similar bravado as Grant.

“4-0,” Kukoc said, referencing a sweep. “Maybe 4-1 if there was some kind of malfunction. Michael (Jordan) always played well and never left the game with all the viruses and all the bad foods and all of the illnesses and back injuries that he had. I guess LeBron can’t handle the heat.”

Kukoc’s last line was in reference to LeBron James cramping late in a Game 1 loss to the Spurs in the NBA Finals on Thursday night. The air conditioning malfunctioned in the arena, causing James’ cramps.

Kukoc understood that, but he had wasn’t buying any excuses.

“Both teams had the same playing field,” Kukoc said. “I don’t think San Antonio used the last five days to turn the air conditioning off and try to practice in those conditions. It’s just unfortunate that happened.

“LeBron was obviously missed not only because of his offensive abilities and skills but you could see once he left, their defense wasn’t good as well.

“I guess the Heat overheated.”

Kukoc said he used to play in gyms in Europe that were “smoking hot” because of cigarette smoke. He also regaled the guys with tales of playing when the lights went out. Take a listen below.

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