(CBS) — There’s an archaeological dig taking place this weekend at the Tanner House, Aurora’s oldest home which now houses the city’s historical society.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports they have been digging in two locations on the property where there were once outhouses dating to 1857 and 1870.

Mary Clark Ormond with the historical society says a lot can be learned about the Tanner family from what went down the privy.

“Before there was municipal garbage collection, people would throw there unwanted things, their trash, into the privy,” said Ormond.

She says ornate plaster in the 1857 privy and portions of an old chimney.

“The prettiest thing, maybe I should say that came up out of there, certainly not the shoes but a wineglass. We know that this was part of a set the Tanners had,” said Ormond.

Ormond says they know it was the Tanners because a family descendent recently sent them identical wine glasses commemorating the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable in the mid-1800s.

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