Chicagoans Find @HiddenCash Envelopes In Millennium, Oz Parks

CHICAGO (CBS) — Treasure hunters scoured Millennium Park and Oz Parl for hidden envelopes of cash Sunday morning following tweets from the @HiddenCash Twitter account.

Joss and Meredith Highmark were among the first to discover hidden cash in Millennium Park.

“We had just returned from getting a cup of coffee and Josh was telling me, ‘hey my dad was telling me about hidden cash in Chicago and no joke thirty seconds later we were walking along and Josh comes over to the garbage can. I was thinking what is he doing and he is like, ‘look what we just found.’ We just couldn’t believe it, the irony that we had just been talking about it,” said Meredith.

The tweets were sent by the @hiddencash Twitter account, run by California millionaire Jason Buzi. Cash filled envelopes have previously been hidden in New York City and California.

The @hiddencash account also tweeted that envelopes were hidden in Oz Park on the North Side and that all those envelopes has been found.

The account also released all 14 locations of hidden money in Millennium Park.

“Our planter in Chicago wrote down 14 of these locations:
1. Under a bench in the southeast corner
2. On a column just south of the bean
3. Under a plastic picnic table just east of the bean
4. On the backside of an area map south of the bean.
5. Behind a trash bin south of the bean.
6. On a column just east of the bean behind the benches along the perimeter.
7. Under a stone picnic table just east of the bean.
8. In a bush just north of the bean
9. On the entrance path just north of the bean, along the stone rail.
10. On the entrance path just north of the bean, on a flower pot.
11. On the entrance path just north of the bean, under a bench.
12. On the entrance path just south of the bean, under a bench.
13. Just south of the bean on a lamp post close to the information sign
14. In a banister by the stairs north of the bean”

A total of $2,000 was hidden in 20 envelopes.

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