(CBS) — Her name is Diva.

“It is my real name. My parents were both in music.”

Diva Montell. She’s based in Downers Grove, but Diva was born in Chicago with a name – and a talent – for singing.

“You do really feel other people’s souls. When my soul sings, I’m actually able to connect in a way that words cannot say.”

Diva Montell ran a temp business for several years. She went through a divorce and some difficult times as a single mom.

Then – a year and a half ago – got back together with her ex-husband. And she got back with her music. Doing it full time now.

Among her favorites:

“‘Vissi d’arte.’ It’s from Tosca. And it’s a Puccini piece. Opera comes from a different place for me. So when I sing popular music, it’s wonderful. I enjoy it. But when I sing opera, I really feel like I’m able to open up and sing what I think I was supposed to be singing.”

Diva wants a shot at New York. Or Las Vegas. She is 52 years old.

“Time, for me? I don’t care about that. Some people say, ‘Oh, the entertainment business is for the young.’

“It takes a lot of energy, which I have. And I am ready now… It would be wonderful just to get that little break.”

For more information, visit divamontell.com.

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