CHICAGO (CBS) — The folks in Bridgeport are trying to get used to the new sound of big passenger jets flying overhead headed for Midway.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports residents, scores of them, are filing complaints about the noise and so far, they are getting nowhere.

“I’ve been living here for 15 years, and I never had that experience of seeing planes that low,” said Bridgeport resident Lilia Salinas. “If I wanted to be like that, I would go live near Midway.”

There’s now a new landing path from the east into Midway. The old one came in from the south then made a sharp left turn toward runway 22 left.

The new one is more direct. It brings planes from over the lake, and sends them across new territory, including the Bridgeport neighborhood. They pass over as low as 1500 feet.

“I don’t like it. It’s noisy, interrupting my TV. It’s just really bad. You can’t have the windows open,” said Bridgeport resident Wally Kramer.

“It’s really annoying, it’s loud and kind of inconvenient,” said Christina Sansone. “It’s scares my dog when I walk her.”

She and others in the neighborhood say this change was a shock to everybody, with no real notice.

“I think it’s important to engage constituents,” said Sansone.

But an activist fighting O’Hare noise is not surprised. He says it’s typical of the FAA and the city.

“This impacts real quality of life issues,” said Jack Charlier.

Before the new flight path was okayed, there was a meeting of the midway noise abatement commission. But 11th Ward Alderman Jim Balcer is quoted as saying he can’t remember getting an invitation.

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