(CBS) —  Two people face charges for apparently trying to dupe a man into paying ransom by claiming they had kidnapped his granddaughter.

Prosecutors allege that Wednesday, 20-year-old Jakarre Brown, of Maywood, and 29-year-old Deanna Nolan, of Lisle, called a friend’s grandfather from a blocked phone number.  They told the victim that his granddaughter would be killed if he failed to meet their demands for money.

He instead called Naperville Police.  Within six hours, Brown and Nolan were taken into custody.  DPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said that, the whole time, the granddaughter was safe at another friend’s home.

Berlin calls the extortion attempt “a cruel and heartless thing to do,” as well as illegal. Bond for both suspects is set at $50,000.

Nolan appears next before Judge Daniel Guerin on Saturday, while Brown appears before Judge Guerin on Tuesday.

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