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(CBS) — Improvisation is a skill actors and comedians know a lot about, but now it’s being used in a special class for teens to help them learn important life skills.

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says the teachers and students are all someone you should know.

Improv trainer Jeff Poole is teaching a class of students the art of improvisation in a program called Room 2 Improv.

“I’m a firm believer that the skills you learn in the improv scene carry over to real life,” he says. “I think that agreement saying yes — being able to find something with your partner that you like and being able to move forward in a scene – is a lot of the skills you’re going to use in life.”

Retired school teacher Eileen Kahana came up with the idea after taking an improv course herself.

“The skills I learned at improv at night I brought to the classroom during the day as a substitute teacher,” Kahana says.

The class is given in the Austin community at an Urban Ministries facility that donates the space to accommodate the youngsters.

Student Jorel Harper says the program helps him think on his feet.

“This program teaches me how to make everything different,” he says.

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