(CBS) — Two bodies have been recovered from the Cal Sag Channel following a boat accident Friday night. The U.S. Coast Guard and local authorities are still searching for one more person.

Around 11:00 Friday night, a small boat collided with a towing vessel moving six barges and the boat then flipped upside down in the water. They were on board a 19-foot Rinker pleasure craft.

The accident happened near Southwest Highway at the Cal Sag Channel in Worth Township.

The two dead bodies found belong to Viengsavanh Bielarz, 40, and Jeremy Muzika, 33.

Bob Bielarz, Viengsavanh’s husband is also among those still missing. The Coast Guard helicopter has been doing aerial searches using infrared radar to find those still missing in the Cal Sag Channel.

Police say the boaters had been at an area restaurant before the collision.

The company that owns the vessel towing the barge, ARTCO, released a statements saying, “The captain immediately notified the U.S. Coast Guard and sounded a general alarm to gather all crew on deck to look for survivors.”

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