By Heather Sadusky

CHICAGO (CBS) — I am often reminded of Copenhagen living in Chicago: like when people declare a holiday when the sun comes out.

Now there is another similarity.

Chicago is installing Copenhagen-style cycling technology, called the “Curbee.”

This nifty idea is more than two awkward metal bars: it’s the perfect place to rest yourself without actually getting off your bike at a stop.

The footrest and handrail contraptions are being placed throughout Chicago in order to encourage cyclists to more strictly adhere to their traffic lights, by making it easy to do so.

Often, cyclists are tempted not to stop or to get the wheels turning early, before the bicycle traffic light gives the OK.

Now you can put your right hand and foot on the ‘Curbee’ and comfortably wait for the signal.

Steven Vance, editor for the website Streetsblog Chicago, brainstormed the idea with friend Ryan Lakes, a designer and architect on the board of West Town Bikes.

It took quite a bit of patience to go through the hurdles of approval, but eventually was unanimously passed by all 50 aldermen.

One of them even took a trip to Copenhagen to do some research.

The first of America’s cyclist footrests can be seen at Ogden and Milwaukee, on the southeast corner.

Vance and Lakes have been observing their creation from the Matchbox bar across the street, and say not everyone is sure what to do with it.

But those who are, flawlessly coast up and execute the resting position.

Give it a try this holiday weekend and let the guys (and the city) know what you think in their blog’s comments section

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