Construction Crews Blamed For Flooding Along Trail Site

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Roseanne Tellez Roseanne Tellez
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(CBS) — Residents along the 606, whose homes flooded last week during the storms, are today blaming careless construction crews.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports some residents complained their homes took in several feet of water.

Remember the storms last Monday? Some people on a stretch of Bloomindale say they’re still cleaning up because of someone else’s mistake.

Residents say it looked like a river runs through it — water flowing down Bloomingdale Avenue Monday night with nowhere to go.

WBBM 780’s Mike Krauser

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When the water subsided, residents say the cause was clear. Drains — covered to keep construction debris from the sewer — also kept water from the sewer. It cascaded into nearby basements instead.

“First step down the stairs and it goes ‘squish,'” says resident John Knoerle.

Crews appeared to be clearing the drains on Monday.

Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd) said Walsh Construction is to blame, and they should pay.

The firm didn’t return messages from CBS 2.

Residents say those screens on the drains do keep gunk out, but with more rain forecast this week they hope Walsh realizes they have to be cleaned regularly.

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