CHICAGO (CBS) — Most days, driving on Lake Shore Drive means sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Now, the drive is due for an overhaul and city and state engineers are turning to Chicagoans for advice.

It is part of a major effort called “Redefine The Drive.” City and state officials are willing to listen to listen to your suggestions. For example if you think this traffics is unbearable, and you know how to make better, speak up.

City and state engineers say issues like falling plaster in pedestrian underpasses can no longer be ignored.

“The cost of repairing continuously has at some point outweighed the need to actually reconstruct and actually make some significant improvements,” said CDOT engineer John Sadler.

Other areas of concern are steep steps with no access for the disables, congested car traffic and the limited space shared by runners, bikers walkers and tourists, as many as 31,000 on weekends.

Maryann Wolfe attended Tuesday’s public meeting and shared her suggestion: eliminate express lane.
“Let it exist as how the lanes are. Don’t take our traffic, don’t take our traffic lanes,” said Wolfe.

Heather Armstrong’s idea to improve traffic suggestion is to create a separate bus lane.

“Make it easier for buses to go down Lake Shore Drive because it is always crammed,” said Heather Armstrong.

Daniel Lee just wants a safer place to play.

“I have seen a lot of accidents over the years especially from high speed bicyclists and it would be a good idea to have those lanes be separated from the rest of the traffic,” said Lee.

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