(CBS) Boy oh boy, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony really need to make a free agency decision.

Because right now, all we’re stuck with is this as we anxiously await news …

Quite informative and timely? Absolutely. The catch? That and a lack of free agency news leads to this …

So for those scoring at home, we’ve now have had a Cleveland cupcake shop swear James is headed back home; Cavs fans tracking a plane tied to owner Dan Gilbert to Miami; controversy over whether Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love and Anthony played pick-up ball together in Los Angeles; and surely a bunch of free agent stalking in general.

This is the NBA free agency news cycle when the big names don’t make big decisions.

Oh, and now a breakdown on dinner entrees and Wade’s diet. There’s not much stock to put into any of this, other than James and Wade are still good friends and cordial in the midst of a huge decision.

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