CHICAGO (CBS) — The new O’Hare runway configuration that’s become a quality of life issue for some Northwest Side residents is attracting “throngs of people” to the cause of fighting the noise, according to some and they say politicians who won’t listen will pay at the ballot box.

In Sauganash Park, on the city’s Northwest Side, the sound of kids playing was competing with the planes coming in overhead Tuesday afternoon.

“These planes are going right over where the kids are playing and we know they’re dropping particulate matter,” said Dianne Yost.

Dianne Yost lives in the neighborhood and has become active in the fight to spread the planes around with the group FAIR Allocation in Runways.

Yost says it isn’t just about air and noise pollution, but also about safety.

“We have a question about safety,” said Yost. “We have no idea what’s going on up there right now. Some people feel it’s very chaotic.”

And she notes they’re politically active.

“What I would like the mayor to know is that he works for the people of the city of Chicago and that we have legitimate complaints and the complaints are growing and the throngs are growing and they want to see change,” Yost said.

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