(CBS) — If you can’t get to Spain, the running of the bulls comes to the Chicago-area this Saturday, reports WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger.

It’s called The Great Bull Run and is modeled after the event in Pamplona, with some key differences. Co-founder Rob Dickens says it’s much safer.

“In Pamplona, you’re walled in by buildings. You get no escape route to get out of the way if you happen to get crushed by a lot of people and then, a bull is bearing down on you, as happened to the author from Chicago, you don’t have anywhere to go.”

Dickens says since he started the Great Bull run last year, no one’s been gored.

“What they do in Spain is they sharpen the bulls’ horns for the bullfight at the end of the run and that makes goring a heck of a lot easier. So here in the US, we’ve had a lot of people run over by bulls, rammed by bulls, things of that nature, but the horns aren’t really sharp enough to go through them.”

And it’s safer for the bulls too. They don’t get sent into a bull ring to be killed afterwards. The Great Bull Run takes place this Saturday at Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero.

For more information, visit thereatbullrun.com.

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