(CBS) Tonight’s the Home Run Derby in advance of tomorrow’s All-Star Game at Target Field in Minneapolis, and there will be a new look to the long ball competition, as was recently announced.

In past years, each batter got 10 outs, and the top four of eight advanced out of the first round, then the top two advanced from the semifinals to the finals. No more, though. As a reminder, here’s how the new format will work, courtesy of MLB.com’s Mark Newman.

— There will be 10 participants, five from each league (to be chosen by captains Troy Tulowitzki and Jose Bautista). Each hitter gets seven outs in the first round, and the top three totals from each league advance.

— In the second round, it goes to a bracket format. The No. 2 and No. 3 totals in each league from the first round face off, again with seven outs. The hitter with the highest first-round total in each league gets a bye through to the third round.

— In the third round, the winner of No. 2-No. 3 matchup faces the No. 1, seven outs each. That’s the case for each league.

— In the finals, the winner of the AL bracket meets the winner of the NL bracket, again with seven outs for each.

This style ensures and AL vs. NL showdown in the final round. It also adds a round, but batters will move through more quickly with seven outs instead of 10.

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