Sometimes an educational background in business can seem like a vague degree for new students trying to pick a major. However, with so many career paths requiring an understanding of the way business works, getting a degree that allows for increased job opportunities can be a great foundation. There are 20 career options featured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the field of business and finance, with each requiring a bachelor’s degree as entry-level education.

(Photo Courtesy of Kelly Cutler)

(Photo Courtesy of Kelly Cutler)

Because a bachelor’s degree is considered a standard for those going into the field of business, many people start to look at additional education and certifications to keep up with the ever-changing market. CEO and founder of Kona Company, a digital strategy firm in Evanston, Ill., Kelly Cutler has been in the Internet marketing business since its inception in the late 1990s. After receiving her bachelor’s, Kelly returned to school to enter an Entrepreneurial Certification program to understand the full scope of business. With her educational background and extensive experience in the field, Kelly can offer some advice to others looking to go into this field.

What inspired you to enter this field?

“I come from a line of entrepreneurs including my dad and my grandfather, who are both successful business owners. I wanted to work for myself, and to create a place of employment for people in this growing field.”

How has your education helped with your career?

“The entrepreneurship program helped me write a business plan, learn the fundamentals and also helped build the confidence needed to start and grow a company. I’m glad I studied business and entrepreneurship; otherwise I would never have been able to do basic accounting and operational things within my business. I learned basics in hiring, sales and marketing and administration.”

What advice can you give others looking to go into this field?

“It can be intimidating, but I strongly recommend education and hands-on experience as the best combination. There are a lot of great programs now in the areas of digital marketing. People can quickly transition into this field but it takes hard work, dedication and passion.”

Sara Lugardo is a professional writer out of Chicago, Illinois. She has a bachelor’s in communication and is currently working on her master’s. Her work can be found on

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