By John Dodge

HIGHLAND, Ind. (CBS) — Northwest Indiana, known as “The Region” to locals, is often identified with two things: Steel mills and oil refineries.

There are other amazing attractions here: The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, casinos and the legendary Pierogi Fest in Whiting.

However, there is perhaps nothing more impressive than this:

(Credit: CBS)

(Credit: CBS)

The Mega Load!

It’s a seven-load beast of a washing machine, billed as the Largest Coin Washer In N.W. Indiana, at Windsor Laundry in Highland.

If you don’t care if your tighty whities get tossed in with your blue jeans or your delicate fabrics get washed in the regular cycle, this may be one of the biggest advances in coin-operated laundry history.

It costs $9.50 to fire up this machine.

(Credit: CBS)

(Credit: CBS)

That’s a pretty good deal–provided you avoid that nearby arcade game in which you use the claw in a futile effort to grab a stuffed animal. As legend has it, one mom blew through $10 in quarters in an effort to entertain her kids, while doing the family laundry.

And if you happen to do your laundry on Monday through Friday, dryers are free.

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