CHICAGO (CBS) — The prayers at services around the world are echoed here in Chicago on the first Sunday since 298 people were killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, they’ve been praying for the victims at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral ever since Thursday’s tragedy.

Jaroslava Vatashthuk took park in a marathon session Friday and she was back at the church Sunday along with other members of the Ukrainian Village congregation.

“It’s important to be mindful of what happened,” said parishioner Paul Matwyshyn.

The parishioners who showed up Sunday were treated to a Mass which was celebrated in part by Father Oleh Kindiy. He lives in Ukraine and boarded the plane to Chicago just 24 hours after Malaysian Flight 17 exploded over his homeland.

Fr. Oleh Kindiy lives in Ukraine and flew to Chicago 24 hours after the plane was shot down in his country. He spoke of his trepidation before and during that flight.

“As I was in the plane, I was just thinking about the people who were flying and those little children that they were looking forward to something great in Malaysia and they never arrived there,” said Kindiy, of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Most parishioners hope that out of the blood soaked fields of Eastern Ukraine the seeds of peace can grow.

“It would be world community, European and American, can influence Russia to stop the nonsense,” said George Matwyshyn.

But they say a lot depends on Russia’s Vladimir Putin who they say seems more inclined to spread his influence rather than accept any responsibility.
And they say that will only lead to more misery.

“It looks like he wants to conquer the world, and it won’t happen. People will die but not submit,” said Jaroslava Procin.

The U.S. is putting the likely blame for the downed plane on separatists in Ukraine who had Russian military help.

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