By Roseanne Tellez

(CBS) — An area company you probably never heard of is at the center of a major food scandal in China, where food processors allegedly repackaged expired meat to look new.

OSI is headquartered in Aurora and has facilities throughout the city, suburbs and even into southern Wisconsin, a total of nine locations in five different towns.

CBS 2’s Rosenne Tellez reports why the company is on the defensive.

At the center of the food safety scare is meat that a Shanghai TV station reports was expired chicken and beef repackaged to look fresh.

Dragon TV says Chinese investigators who entered the Husi Company found boxes of reports that show inferior quality products were repackaged and shut the plant down.

OSI Group — the parent company of Husi — said Monday that it’s appalled, and in a written statement said:

“The company is committed to sharing the investigation results with the public and taking all necessary action based on those results.”

Kantha Shelke, a Chicago area food safety expert, say consumers here should be concerned.

“OSI is responsible for every one of its subsidiaries to ensure they’re compliant and that they are producing products that are safe for their target audience,” she says.

KFC and McDonald’s in China say they stopped using the suspect meat. McDonald’s said it’s committed to using safe products.

OSI called this an isolated incident and apologizes to all of its customers.

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