(CBS) This happened late Friday night in a game between the Birmingham Barons, the White Sox’s Double-A affiliate, and the Jacksonville Suns, but it’s worth a note, if for no other reason than you really never see this.

Two bench-clearing brawls — not just in one game, but over one disagreement.

In the top of the ninth, all heck broke loose in a 19-minute eruption that included two bench-clearing brawls, six ejections and a manager meltdown.

The melee started when Jeremy Farrell of the Barons ran into Suns pitcher Matt Ramsey after scoring a run. Ramsey got mad, trash talk started flowing and then the first brawl started.

Suns manager Andy Barkett then had his freakout that included throwing baseballs onto the field. After tempers cooled, they flared again when Suns first baseman Wilfredo Gomez decided to charge at the Barons dugout. And thus a sequel brawl began.

You can see the full controversy play out in the video directly below. The second video is a shorter clip of the second brawl. The Barons won the game 5-1.

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