(CBS) Around Chicago, expectations are sky high for a Bears team that features an elite offense and revamped defense. Fans are expecting nothing less than a playoff berth and a squad capable of challenging the NFL’s best.

Around Vegas, expectations are just as sky high in regards to this: The Bears will win more than 8.5 games this season.

Bovada set Chicago’s season over/under win total at 8.5 recently, and bettors are hammering the over. And by that we mean nearly all in, as 95 percent have reportedly put money on Chicago reaching nine wins.

From Sports Illustrated’s fansided.com:

“NFL win totals continues to take more money than any other future market we have up right now for the NFL and a few teams are really standing out as popular bets. The Chicago Bears over 8.5 has taken over 95 percent of the money, but we are comfortable holding the number at 8.5, especially in a pretty competitive division,” said Kevin Bradley, sportsbook manager of Bovada.lv.

Such one-sided money would seem to indicate the line is low, but Bovada hasn’t budged yet. That’s somewhat perplexing, as Vegas books strive to get equal action on each side, so that the house is guaranteed money regardless of the outcome. Then again, maybe those Vegas books know something we don’t.

Chicago went 8-8 last season with the NFL’s second-highest scoring offense and a defense that set franchise records for futility.

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