By Suzanne Le Mignot

(CBS) — Police in Long Beach, Indiana have released surveillance video of a suspect in a series of burglaries last Saturday.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports people living in Long Beach say it’s the kind of place where homeowners leave doors unlocked, but now all of that is changing.

The suspect appears to be no more than 25-years-old and is always barefoot. He entered three homes on Lake Shore Drive in Long Beach, Indiana this weekend creating damage and even causing a fire.

The owner of one of the homes says the young man not only set the bedroom on fire, but walked around the entire home smashing and breaking virtually everything in sight.

“This was just a random act of violence, of cruelty and to what end? We don’t know what the person was looking for. The house was ransacked, demolished and then he decided to set fire to it,” said homeowner Amy Grabelle.

“The video that we have from the first burglary he doesn’t have any backpack and he doesn’t have a sweatshirt but when he is seen leaving he does,” said Chief Marshal Robert Sulkowski. “The TV was attempted to be removed from the wall in the basement of the second home where the fire was set. He wasn’t successful in doing that.”

Long Beach has a population of 1,100. It triples during the summer months because of the picturesque beaches. Homeowner Sheila Carson says she’s fortunate more damage wasn’t done at her beachfront home.

“Let’s all band together and make sure these people get caught and they never do it again,” said Carson.

Police say they believe the young man captured on video may have been visiting the area over the weekend. They really want anyone who recognizes him, to call them at 219-874-4243.

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