By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — A backyard water balloon fight is the stuff of childhood legend.

Assuming the weather is cooperating at the time, the only thing that hinders a good balloon battle is actually filling the damn balloons.

They burst; they are hard to tie.

Usually the person (mom or dad) who doesn’t really want to get soaked, ends up drenched after a few dozen attempts.

One start-up company has developed a system that allows people to create 100 water balloons in about a minute.

The Bunch O Balloons system, developed by a company in Plano, Texas, called Tinnus Enterprises, is said to work this way:

Place a special attachment on a standard garden hose with 37 preconnected balloons that fill up with water and … tie themselves.

Once filled, mom or dad simply shakes the water bombs into a container, and they are ready for launch.

If you are a parent that doesn’t care about being the hero, it’s simple enough for the kids to do themselves, according to the developers. (A promotional video even shows a cute little girl with a massive arsenal that she apparently created herself.)

Bunch Of Balloons 1

The company went to Kickstarter to fund their venture.

The goal was to raise $10,000.

So far they have raised more than $716,000.

Backers can obtain the balloons through various contribution options on the Kickstarter site.

It is unclear how much they will be selling in retail stores and won’t be available there until later next year.

Initial deliveries are expected to start next month.

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