CHICAGO (CBS) — Two Indiana women barely dodged a 14,000-ton freight train recently as they found themselves stuck on an Indiana trestle.

The women were trespassing on the bridge, which crosses over Lake Lemon in Monroe County. Upon seeing the train, they attempted to run, but had nowhere to go. One woman laid down between the tracks almost immediately, while the other nearly fell off the bridge, before also jumping between the tracks.

According to the Indy Star, the train engineer had assumed the women were killed and alerted authorities, when in fact the women survived, the train running just over them.

The women ran to a nearby vehicle and fled, but were later found by police. As one YouTube user pointed out, had the conductor not started to stop long before the train got to the women, they may not have survived thanks to machinery under some of the train later cars.

Founder and president of the Indiana Rail Road Co., Tom Hoback, said in a statement, “The consequences of trespassing on railroad-owned property are never taken seriously by those choosing to do so, and this incident at Lake Lemon is one of the most glaring examples I’ve seen in more than 40 years in this business.”

According to the Indiana Rail Road Co., 908 people were killed in the United States by trespassing on railroads in 2013.

Watch the video, released by the Indiana Rail Road Co. on July 29th, below.

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