CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago woman noticed things were disappearing from her apartment so she set up surveillance and was shocked by what she found.

Nina Filipponio has been running the family cafe and bar since her husband died. For over a year, she’d noticed jewelry and thousands of dollars in cash missing from her apartment upstairs.

“I was thinking maybe that I was losing my mind, or I forget where I was putting my stuff,” said Fillipponio.

Finally, she had her upstairs security camera fixed.

“After I fix my camera, I found out it was him,” she said.

Nina says she saw 52-year-old Daniel Manchen going into her apartment and stealing more jewelry and more cash. The worst part, she says, is that he was a regular customer and she thought, a close friend.

“I was treating him like my son,” she said.

Sometimes, she says, Manchen would go with her as she worked in her backyard garden, then disappear for a smoke. She says he wasn’t smoking. He was upstairs, looking for loot.

Last weekend, Nina took her video to police. Manchen was arrested on multiple counts of residential burglary.

“He’s going to pay for it because God is in the sky,” Nina said. “He deserves to go to jail, what he did to me.”

Nina says much of the jewelry stolen had been passed on to her by her mother and can never be replaced. Over the past year, she believes $50,000 in cash and jewelry were taken.

Her video is now in the hands of prosecutors.

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