(CBS) — A woman charged in a Joliet double murder testified in a two-hour video statement Tuesday on the gruesome killing.

In her own words, Bethany McKee talked about how she and three others killed the pair, partied after the murders and then planned to get away with it.

Police have called the home on Hickory where Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover were murdered a house of horror.

In the video statement played in court, Bethany McKee detailed a nightmare that lasted some 14 hours.

According to Mckee the victims came to the house around 10:00, thinking they would drink and hang out with McKee and Alissa Massaro. A half hour later they were dead after fighting with Adam Landerman and Josh Miner.

Initially, McKee said the fight was prompted by jealously and she didn’t see anything, claiming, “I hid. I hid like a little baby.”

But after detectives told her they’d talked to the other suspects, she admitted the four had discussed some kind of plan, but said, “I really didn’t think it was going to turn out like this.”

That statement contradicted later ones where she described how, “I held the lamp”…so the men could tie up the victims and “Josh asked me to get a plastic bag so I got a jewel bag.

McKee spelled out how the victims’ bodies were kicked numerous times as Josh allegedly shouted, “You N…you should be picking the cotton and this wouldn’t have happened.”

And while the bodies lay in one room, McKee said the four partied, did coke and the others had sex. The next morning, the men got a blow-torch and saw as they planned to dispose of the, “put two arms one place and two legs somewhere else.”

At one point in the tape, the detectives asked McKee why she didn’t sop it. She replied, “Josh would have killed me too.”

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