(CBS) — It was a surprise confrontation in the West Loop and then someone stepped in. A Chicago woman believes that Good Samaritan saved her from an attack last week.

At sunrise, Jasmine Jafferali walked west along Van Buren Street, lost in her cell phone, headed for a workout.

Suddenly, she says, a deranged looking man with blood shot eyes appeared out of nowhere. He came up to her just past Halsted.

“He had his hand raised up really high,” Jasmine said. “I thought he was going to hit me.”

Suddenly, from a parking lot, a Good Samaritan appeared, shouting at the man. He quickly intervened.

“He goes, ‘hey, you leave that girl alone. What are you going to do with that girl?’”

Jasmine managed to move away from the confrontation between the two men. Moments later, the Good Samaritan shouted at her.

“He said, ‘hey young lady, young lady, you’re good. You’re all fine. I got him. You’re fine,’” Jasmine said.

Jasmine wishes she could thank the man who came to her rescue.

“My hero, my angel. Definitely, somebody was watching over me, protecting me,” Jasmine said.

She says she’ll put away her cell phone on the street now.

“We need to look up more and be aware of our surroundings, not keep looking down when we’re walking,” Jasmine said.

At first, the incident caused Jasmine and her husband to think about getting out of the city but they decided families can make a difference here and they’re thankful to call Chicago their home.

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