CHICAGO (CBS) — If you’re planning to go to Soldier Field for the Bears’ second preseason game Thursday night, the Bears want you to remember new security rules that took effect last year, WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports.

Bears executive John Bostrom said fans who come to preseason games aren’t always as familiar with NFL security restrictions. He said you can bring a small clutch purse but, it can’t be larger than 4-and-a-half by six-and-a-half inches.

“You want to think maybe the size of one’s hand, but go even a little bit smaller than that,” he said.

Otherwise, you can bring a clear plastic bag, about the size of a one-gallon freezer bag. If you show up with other kinds of bags, you’ll be sent back to your car to leave them there.

“A fanny pack, or a diaper bag. If you need to bring items for children, they should be put in a clear plastic bag. A binoculars’ case might be another example. You need to take the binoculars out of the case, same with a camera case,” Bostrom said.

For a full list of prohibited items, click here.

Bostrom suggested getting to the stadium early enough to be screened so that you don’t miss the kickoff.

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