By Jim Williams

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (CBS) — It would be one of life’s serious mistakes to ever count the Jackie Robinson West little league team out. They proved that once again on Monday.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports the boys surely will have more confidence going into tonight’s game against Texas after winning that nail biter last night. The Jackie Robinson West parents say they have the toughest kids around.

The overjoyed Jackie Robinson parents celebrated the win and their boys’ resilience after the loss on Sunday and falling behind against New England
last night.

“That’s the way you fight through adversity,” said Alvin Jones, the father of JRW player Pierce Jones.

Last week when Pierce Jones hit three home runs in the opener, his parents were taking another child to college. This time they were in Williamsport to see the 4th. Alvin Jones said he was, “ecstatic.”

Coach Darold Butler kept his boys calm and focused and their parents were grateful.

“He’s done a great job. I couldn’t have done better,” said Dennis Butler, the coach’s dad.

And so Jackie Robinson West once again shows South Side grit.

“They are the toughest kids around. We know they can do it. They had their mind set on it and they just settled down and they came out here and won that game,” said JRW parent Darlene Luster.

Of course, the Chicagoans want the boys to win tonight and win the Little League Championship. But more important, the coaches and parents are teaching values, like those embodied by JRW’s Trey Hondras.

The front page of the sports section in Williamsport showed a large photo of Trey Hondras taken when he hit a home run in last night’s victory.

But it’s what Trey did moments later that makes his father more proud. After a little skip in his step, Trey went over to the New England coach and apologized.

No coach or other adult told Trey to do it.

“Nobody, He did it on his own,” said Carlton Hondras, Trey’s father. “I was proud, but it’s what we expect.”

Sportsmanship, what Carlton Hondras, with Trey’s little sister, teaches at home.

“You always teach the boys to have some respect for the opponent you’re playing. You always respect the opponent and you respect the game,” said Carlton.

The official watch party for Jackie Robinson West will take place at Jackie Robinson Park at 105th and Morgan.

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