By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — “I like big buses and I cannot lie!”

So begins the parody rap “Baby Got Class” from the patriarch of the Holderness family, Penn Holderness.

Yes, the same Holderness family that entertained all of us on social media over the holidays with “Christmas Jammies.”

This time, “Baby Got Class,” a parody to the Sir MixaLot classic “Baby Got Back,” is an ode to Back To School.

Like many other parents, the Holdernesses are honestly thrilled to send their youngsters back to the classroom:

“Some parents may deny,

But when a big yellow one comes around the bend

and picks up our children


Cuz vacation

We didn’t get anything done!”

At the same time, they are overwhelmed with the task of getting their son, Penn Charles, and daughter, Lola, ready for another year of learning.

Penn and his wife, Kim, appear to be totally perplexed, for example, by the school shopping list:

“I ain’t taking about this thing

Cuz the binder has to have three rings

They want them real thick and juicy

A pack of pink erasers

And all the papers

Need specific spacers

This [list] says two pocket folders

Is that two folders

Or two pockets in a folder?

Holderness raps about how he “likes em round, and big.”

He, of course, is talking about his kids’ backpacks.

(What else did you think, you pervy perv!)

The couple were on-air television personalities for years. One day, Penn decided, he wasn’t “really interested in about half of the things he talked about on the news.”

So he quit and now he and Kim own a production/marketing company.

And we all know the age old cliche: “Where did the time go?”

Remember when we were all watching this? (Over 14 million YouTube views!)

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