By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — By any conventional standard of manly physical appearance, Chris Williams is a good-looking dude.

However, to rise to the level of truly a “Hot Guy” it takes a lot more than a pretty face.

That’s where Chris’ wife, Amy, enters the picture.

“He manages to have an amazing body without being obsessive about it (he does push-ups and pull-ups in our basement) and is one of the few guys of any age who looks good in skinny jeans,” Amy says.

“He has thick dark hair, with the hottest salt and pepper grey around his temples. He has gorgeous hazel eyes, and I love his crinkly smile lines. And don’t get me started about his buff arms!”

But there is more …

“He keeps his promises, does what he says he’s going to do, and when things get tough, he always says we’ll get through them together.”

One day, while killing time in a doctor’s waiting room, Amy picked up a copy of Redbook magazine and noticed the editors were seeking nominations for the 2015 America’s Hottest Husbands contest.

She wrote an essay and sent in some photos.

And it caught the attention. Chris is now a finalist to find America’s Hottest Husband.

When they first met, Amy was a divorced mother with two children.

“Not many men were beating down the door,” she says.

Chris & Amy Williams

Chris, who works as an attorney for the Cook County Public Guardian’s office, willingly took on the role of suburban step dad, transitioning from a single city guy.

Chris and Amy live in Oak Park with Amy’s two children, who are in middle school and high school.

“Before we got married we kept a journal together, and I think the most romantic thing he wrote was how he used to sneak downstairs to try on his wedding ring when I was asleep because he was so excited to get married to me. He makes me feel treasured and secure, and there’s nothing hotter than that.”

So what do you say, Chicago? Voting starts on Sept. 3 on Redbook’s website.

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