(CBS) — Lindsay Pinchuk, co-founder of The Bump Club takes a look at what to expect at Gearapalooza.

Jane Trider Extreme $790.00: This awesome stroller made its debut from Spain earlier this year. This model is made for navigating both city streets and forest trails. The seat faces forward and back, and most impressively is the Jane patented fold which allows the stroller to shrink in size by 30%

Quinny Yezz, $279.99: This light weight and ultra compact stroller has become a favorite on the Gearapalooza tour! Billed as a trael hero, this stroller is also perfect for navigating public transportation—especially here in Chicago! It holds up to 40 lbs and folds in a cinch allowing you to strap it over your shoulder, leaving both hands free!

Clek Fllo, $379.99: This brand new convertible car seat from Clek stays true to the design Clek is known for, but allows for extended rear facing use. Its slim design will allow you to fit three across. A bonus is that it is certified for air travel.

Peg Perego Viaggio Infant Seat, $269.99-The new and improved Viaggio Infant seat is much lighter than its previous model. While it fits on to Peg Perego strollers, our favorite feature is that the straps on this seat adjust without having to re-thread them! This helps ensure baby is in properly fitted car seat. (show)

Skip Hop Duo Signature, $60 and Chevron Grab N Go, $20: Two must have items for getting around—especially perfect for city parents or parents on the go. The Duo is a Skip Hop best-seller, but its recent redesign offer a fresh new look combined with function. We especially LOVE the zip-top they have added. The Grab N Go is perfect to attach to your stroller’s handlebars so that you have easy access to every thing you need while you are out and about.

Summer Infant Pop N Play Playyard, $90: This brand new play yard has been a HIT at all of our Gearapalooza stops so far! This portable play yard allows you to create a safe and portable play area for your baby. Not only is it ultra-light, but it can be set up and taken down in seconds. (We can demo)

Halo Bassinest, $229: Debuting in stores just this spring, the Bassinest is going to revolutionize sleeping for mom and baby. Now your little one can sleep as close to you as you want – even right next to you in bed – and still sleep safely in his own separate space. It swivels to allow you easy access in and out of the bed, and the side comes down, which makes getting baby a cinch…even if you have had a c-section!

Mixie Bottle: This is one of a few items which debuted between my two children. I honestly think often: how did I ever survive without Mixie. Once I stopped breastfeeding, this bottle has been amazing for on-the go, or even for bringing a bottle up to our room for early morning feeds. The formula stays fresh in an airtight container until you are ready to use it—when you just pop the bottom and mix! (show how it works)

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