By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — The nice worker at the Arby’s at the Thompson Center food court looked at me as if I was either crazy, or pulling some sort of punk’d stunt.

“I would like to order the Mountain of Meat,” I said.

She hadn’t heard of that before. And for good reason: It’s not on the menu.

Fortunately, I had a copy of how to build the sandwich from corporate HQ. Armed with the official instructions–the sandwich has six meats, chicken strips, bacon and cheese–the restaurant was happy to oblige.

The origin of the Mountain of Meat is perhaps more outrageous than the sandwich itself.

Recently, Arby’s created promotional posters designed to showcase that it offers a lot more than just roast beef. The photo shows the meat offered at the restaurant stacked up high. The chain calls it #MeatCraft.

Meat Craft

Then something curious happened: People started to ask for it.

So, Arby’s created a sandwich build for those restaurants that wanted to offer it to their customers.

Meat Mountain Building
The Meat Mountain, as it is officially known, is available nationally at participating Arby’s restaurants, according to Jason Rollins, Manager Of Public Engagement for Arby’s.

Rollins did not have any sales numbers to report just yet, but customers can order one for $10.

The sandwich is quite a mouthful and is actually difficult to lift. In fact, you have to compress it with some significant force to take a full bite.

The completed Meat Mountain, a Tour de Force of beef, ham, turkey, chicken and much more.

The completed Meat Mountain, a Tour de Force of beef, ham, turkey, chicken and much more.

It is tasty, but it’s an insane amount of meat.

I had two bites and was full.

Arby’s did not immediately have nutritional information for the Meat Mountain, but does one really want to know?

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