(CBS) — The Jackie Robinson West All Stars were in the spotlight again Saturday, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

The Jackie Robinson West little leaguers were treated to breakfast Saturday morning at Rainbow Push headquarters. There were tributes from a number of politicians including Emil Jones and Mary Flowers.

“They did us proud on the field they did us proud off the field,” Jones said. “God bless each and every one of them.”
“I want to say to all of these children: thank you, thank you, thank you,” Flowers said. “If more adults would act more like these children, this world would be a better place.”

The team members and their parents learned that Rainbow Push is sending them to Disney World. The coach’s son D.J. Butler was asked what he is going to do there.

“Just have fun, go on the rides and talk to my teammates and I am going to be with Trey talking to the girls,” he said.

They also received school supplies and a $1,000 college fund.

The daughter of Jackie Robinson even appeared on screen for a special shout out.

“We have such pride in you so proud you are named after my father, your work on and off the field inspired others,” she said.

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