By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) –Among the students returning to school Tuesday was one very popular 13-year-old: Jackie Robinson West slugger Pierce Jones. His parents and teachers hope life soon returns to normal for the little league champion, but CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, first there was a celebration.

From the sign in front of Vanderpoel Elementary School, to teachers in JRW attire, there was no pretending Pierce Jones was just another student.

The eighth grader walked into a back-to-school assembly with the governor who like any politician running for reelection, knows to join a local hero…

“What I did over my summer vacation” has rarely featured a question and answer session with a boy who hit four home runs on national television.

When asked by a fellow student how it feels to be a member of the Jackie Robinson West championship team, Pierce responded, “It’s great, but it is a lot of work. We had to work hard at practice every day.”

Pierce thanked everyone who helped him along the way, including his dad Alvin and mom Nedra.

“I think we’re going to give it about a month and then maybe it’ll wear down where we can go back to normal where we can walk down the street without people tapping on the car window,” Nedra said.

Pierce has attended Vanderpoel since kindergarten and principal Elena Bell believes that will make the transition easier back to the routine life of a grade schooler.

“I know he feels it’s like home and he’s very tired so we’re just going to let him be who he was three months ago,” said Bell.

Pierce told his fellow students he’s ready to get back to school. Sure, it’s been fun and a great experience, but no doubt it’s been an exhausting time.

The offers for the JRW boys keep coming in. Director Bill Haley said earlier this week the requests were up to 80 and counting.

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