CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago cab drivers have graced the pages of a pinup calendar for 2015, as part of a legal battle with the city in federal court.

For the second year in a row, Melissa Callahan has talked a dozen other cabbies into posing for the Chicago Taxi Calendar.

“We have Mr. September in front of a do not enter and wrong way sign baring his rear end,” she said.

Mr. September’s not wearing a stitch.

George Kasp is Mr. January, and is shown in his briefs, pole-dancing in front of his cab as it is parked in front of a fire hydrant.

“After this I might take it up,” he said.

Callahan said convincing cabbies to pose for the racy calendar was “not as hard as one might think.”

“They tend to like to strip for me,” she said.

Procceeds from sales of the calendars will go to pay for the cabbies’ lawsuit against the city.
“The question before the court is whether or not we’re employees of the city,” Callahan said. If so, they would be entitled to make at least minimum wage, rather than having to work enough hours to pull in enough fares to cover their out-of-pocket costs like gas, leases, and upkeep.

Callahan and other cabbies have argued the low meter rate the city allows cabs to charge is not enough to cover the lease rate drivers must pay to their company. Cabbies also generally have to pay for their own fuel, airport taxes, and other basic expenses.

You can buy one of the calendars by clicking here.

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