By Mai Martinez

(CBS) — Video of another police-involved shooting is drawing more calls for transparency and criminal charges against the Chicago police officer who fired the shots.

Alfontish Cockerham died five days after the shooting, but does the video show definitive proof of misconduct?

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports.

The surveillance images show the officer’s shooting of Cockerham near 71st and Merrill on June 20, 2015.

Police at the time say Cockerham turned and raised a weapon toward an officer before the officer fired at the suspect.

Community activists raised concerns that the shooting was unjustified. They say Cockerham, after he was wounded, was surrendering with his hands up when police shot him.

The video shows Cockerham on the ground with at least one hand in the air, but it does not appear to show any of the officers shooting him while he’s on the ground.

The video raises questions about whether Cockerham was armed when he was shot.

At one point, Cockerham walks out of camera range, but then is seen running from an officer. During a brief chase, something hits the ground just before Cockerham falls between two cars.

The officer later points at the object – it appears to be a gun — and another officer stands over it.

Chicago police say a gun was recovered, but Cockerham’s supporters maintain he was killed in cold-blood.

“We feel this officer not only should be charged with perjury, but this officer should be charged with murder,”activist William Calloway said.

The shooting is under investigation by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Independent Police Review Authority.

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